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M747 low-bed


Product group: Trailers

Category: heavy trailers

Model: 4 axle

Manufacturer: Condiesel

Type: M747


Refurbisched or ex. army stock


Payload : 60-70 ton
Suspension:  front two axles; walking beam, rear two axles; trailing arm with air springs and air lift

Length: (overall) 12.95m
Width: (overall) 3.48m
Height: (overall) 2.72m
Fifth wheel heigth: 1.60m

Load area
Length: 8.60m
Width: 3.05m
Height from ground: 1.12m 

Tyres : 15.00 x 19.5 (16x)
Pin size: 89mm 


More of these trailers available on stock

Reference: 4000030

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