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Voith Schneider Propeller VSP


Product group: Marine Equipment

Category: propulsion

Model: voith schneider propeller

Manufacturer: Voith Heidenheim

Type: VSP 16GI/100


Voith Schneider marine propulsion (VSP)

Type: 16GI/100
seral: 1471 Left rotation and serial 1470 Right rotation

5 blades
blade length: 1000mm
rotation diameter 1600mm
rotation speed 580rpm
input power: 550hp
used conditon


The Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) combines propulsion and steering in one unit. This unique vessel propulsion solution was developed over 85 years ago by Austrian engineer Ernst Schneider. Today Voith Schneider Propellers are in use all over the world wherever precise, safe and efficient maneuvering is of the essence.

With the VSP, magnitude and direction of thrust can be set stepless and as necessary. A circular disk with movable and controllable blades installed at a 90 degree angle to the disk rotates at the vessel bottom.
The magnitude of thrust is determined by the rotational speed of the disk; the blade angle determines the direction of thrust. A perfect propulsion system for precise maneuvering, even under adverse conditions.

Reference: 2000035

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