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Schottel SRP50


Product group: Marine Equipment

Category: propulsion

Model: ruderpropeller

Manufacturer: Schottel

Type: SRP 50


(UNUSED) 4 blade propeller, diameter 70 cm

Max. power 100KW continuous rating
Reduction 1 : 2,5
We can deliver suitable engines for this ruderpropellers

SCHOTTEL Rudderpropellers (SRP) are combined propulsion and steering systems, which convert the engine power into optimum thrust. As the underwater components can be steered through 360 degrees, the full propulsive power can also be used for manoeuvring and dynamic positioning of the ship. - Maximum manoeuvrability, optimum efficiency, economical operation, space-saving installation and simple maintenance - these are just a few of the outstanding features of this robust and reliable propulsion concept, which has proved its worth under tropical and arctic conditions in vessels of all kinds all over the globe.

Reference: 2000011

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