ZF LSG 1000

ZF LSG 1000

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Engine power output (hp)   375 Maximum torque (Nm)  1400 Weight (kg)  650 Number of forward gears  6 Number of reverse geards 3 The LSG 1000 transmission has been designed as a private venture by ZF for front end installation in lightweight tracked vehicles weighing up to 20 tonnes with a maximum engine output of 400 hp (295 kW) and can be fitted to nearly every existing diesel engine of this power range.     The main advantages of the LSG 1000 are as follows: (1) it can be tailored to suit a wide range of engines and tracked vehicles across the performance range (2) input ratios can be adapted to suit different speeds of engine and vehicles (3) it can be fitted with a Power Take-Off (PTO) unit for fan pump (4) greater vehicle mobility due to wide ratio range and high overall efficiency (5) it has a torque converter lock-up to avoid uneconomic operating range in all gears (6) there is option to fit a service and parking brake assembled with the transmission which avoids excessive stresses and errors in turning radius during simultaneous steering and braking (7) easy to operate transmission system due to automatic gear change sequences and a consequent improvement in driver efficiency (8) economic operation by versatile microprocessor-controlled drive programme (9) good mobility combined with ease of operation due to infinitely variable hydrostatic superimposed steering gear (10) pivot turning capability (11) consistent response to steering controls irrespective of direction of travel (12) the engine can be tow started. In addition to the hydrostatic fan drive, a variety of auxiliary units/accessories are available including an oil cooler, final drive, servicing and parking brake, brake control, fan pump drive, engine connection flange/ flexible coupling, speed range selector, electronic automatic command unit, compact cable harness, steering control, actuating device for emergency gear change, engine load sensor, engine starter interlock and speedometer with mounting kit.


ModelLSG 1000
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