M3 bridge- and ferrying systems

No longer available

M3 bridge- and ferrying systems


Produced by EWK, now called General Dynamics Land Systems

The M3 Amphibious Rig can be driven into a river and used as a ferry or, when a number are joinded together from bank to bank, as a bridge, capable of taking vehicles as heavy as the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank. A single two-bay M3 ccan carry a Class 70 ton tracked vehicle. - it can deploy pontoons on the move, in or out of water -it needs no on-site preparation to enter the water -it can be controlled from inside the cab when swimming


ManufacturerGeneral Dynamics Land Systems
ModelM3 Amphibious Bridging Vehicle
Serial Number#00018JHEM0007
Stock Number942293
Km's9.997 km
Working hours698hr.
Overall lenght12.82m
Width3.35m (side swimmers folded)
Width6.57m (side swimmers unfolded)
Height3.93m (wheels in standard position)
Ground clearance0.70m
Turning circle diameter25.40m
Total weight25.300kg including 3 man crew
Useful roadway width4.76 m
EngineDeutz (KHD) BF8L513C
Road traveling speed80 km/h
Water traveling speed14 km/h
Fuel consumptionLand travel 55l / 100km
Fuel consumptionWater travel 64l / hour
Range725 km
Time range6.25 hours