Foden 6x6 eka


Foden 6x6 eka


EKA limited hydraulically operated Compact recovery unit. With drawbar, support/suspend towing and winching facilities. A Rotzler type 25000HS/390 25,000kg single line pull main winch is fitted and two rear anchor spades provide anchorage for the vehicle. A slewing crane with a maximum lift capacity of 12.500kg  provides optimum lifting facilities and for vehicle stability two extensible hydraulically operated outriggers are fitted, one to each side. The boom has a straight lift capacity of 12.500kg at 2.5m extension and 5.800kg at 7.7m. All recovery and lifting functions are controlled from a locker-mounted console or from remote-control unit with 30m of wander lead.   Hydraulic Rear Rotzler Winch 25000Kg Hydraulically Operated Main Boom Capability 30 Tonne straight Tow. 16 tonne suspended Tow Max lift of Crane 2900mm 12.5 Tonne 7700mm 5.8 tonne Rear Earth Anchors. Telescopic Outriggers


ManufacturerFODEN (PACCAR)
Stock Number942243
Product groupTrucks