Bucher STKF 9500 4x4

Bucher STKF 9500 4x4

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High speed runway and multi task airport sweeper

Designed to address the key surface cleansing needs of all sizes of airports in any environment.

  • Colour Orange
  • Test device for checking the superstructure engine type 'Minidiag 2'
  • 2 work lights mounted on the roof
  • Trailer operation with socket and fixed control cable for sweeper blowers and de-icing trailers
  • 2 blower nozzles between front and rear axle, activated via Runway sweeper control unit only one control panel in the cab
  • Coarse dirt cap on suction shaft, optional
  • Water tank heating
  • Central lubrication system - fully automatic for sweeper only
  • Drain plate with water drain with C-hose connection
  • Gutter plate brush right d= 1000mm
  • Emptying flap, container walls and inside of door made of stainless steel
  • Position lighting
  • Air conditioning system
  • Attachment coupling RUWG, K4D
  • O22 SR Tippmatic (similar to MB-Telligent automatic gearshift)
  • Gutter disc brush left d= 1000mm
  • Dual-circuit hydraulic system for sweeper and snow plough operation, incl. suction mouth for liquid collection
  • Suction mouth for liquid collection
  • Cleaning device for container
  • Winter package (water blowing device for air line)
  • Hydraulically liftable roller brush
  • External start socket (NATO)
  • Cleaning hose with retractor 15m long with hand gun
  • Socket for snow plough lighting and
  • Joystick control, winter service plate size 5 and winter service lighting
  • Fuel preheater, 150 watts heating power at 24 volts


ManufacturerBucher Municipal AG
ModelSTKF 9500
Stock Number5009878
TruckMercedes-Benz Actros 2032 4x4
Last inspection17.08.2023
Last service / repairs13.04.2023
DiflocksFront and Rear
TransfercaseVG2400 - 3W , 2 speed
EnigneV6, LA, 235kW (320hp) EUR3
Container capacity 9,5 cbm
Auxiliary engine205kW / 279hp
Watertank1500 L

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Weight14930 kg