Mercedes-Benz Axor 1829 A 4x4

Mercedes-Benz Axor 1829 A 4x4

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A70 Differential lock Front axle

AL3 Front axle 7.5 t

AM3 Rear axle H7 13.0 t Ring gear 300

AR1 Axle ratio i = 5.333 (HL7)

B02 Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

B56 Front coupling head for air refilling

B65 Compressed air dryer heated

BB6 Drum brake on VA and HA

BB9 Pipe fracture protection for brake system

C42 Stabiliser Rear axle under frame

CR5 Frame head reinforced for special attachments

CS6 Frame overhang extended 1750 mm

CU0 Foldable underride guard rear (Meiller)

D15 Roof hatch swivelling

D17 Bogie

E10 Camouflage light circuit

E70 Call system with socket NATO

F20 S-cab 180 mm extended

FE5 Power windows Driver and passenger door

FL3 Cab suspension rear reinforced

FS9 Exterior mirrors electric Driver's side

FV7 Pre-fitting Equipment package

FX7 Front mirror aerodynamic front

GT1 Gearbox G 131-9/14,57-1,0

GV3 Transfer case VG1400 - 3W

H04 Thermal insulation additional

HF2 Pollen filter

HH1 Hot water auxiliary heater Eberspächer D5W S

I40 Tyres 14.00 R 20 VA/NLA

I41 Tyres 14.00 R 20 HA

IA1 Wheel formula 4x4

ID1 Leaf suspension

IQ8 Wheelbase 4200 mm

IV0 18.0 tonne

IX5 In-line engine

K45 Strainer Fuel filler neck

K81 Fuel prefilter Heated water separator

KBCA Air tank and air dryer offset in frame

KCR4 Mounting parts on frame or perforated grid

KCYF Flag holder

KCYQ Towing eyes front and rear front screwable (not according to STANAG)

KCYS Paintwork bumper

KD6 Exhaust gas monitoring for nitrogen oxide (NOx)

KE8 On-board diagnostics 1.0 with NOx-Control

KFKV Move cab rocker panel

KFLF Reinforced cab mounting

KFMP Cab installation package for BWFPS

KG1 Silencer

SCR catalytic converter small Stainless steel

KH8 Exhaust silencer Tailpipe downwards

KH9 Exhaust system offset to the rear

KHH1 Hot water auxiliary heater Ebersbächer D5W S

KKBY Exhaust offset to the rear to dimension "1175" mm

KKSQ Adbluetank moved to the front behind VA wing

KKVF Main fuel tank moved forward to 1625mm

KLSH Protective grille for rear lights

KLSJ Protective grille for indicator lights

KLSK Stone guard grille L30 foldable

KMVJ Air filter offset from right to left

KP2 AdBlue tank 35 l

KP9 AdBlue tank Plastic

KRFM Steel rims 10.00 W-20 Single tyres

KS2 Main tank 300 l Steel

KTBC Weight variant 17.5 t (7.5/10.0)

KYEA Bracket for angle trowel

KYGG Disc camouflage

KZYC Painting bare parts

L30 Stone guard

L72 Electrical system

M49 Tandem air filter system

M89 Flame system

MD4 Speed limit 90 km/h EG

MD9 Cruise control

MQ8 Engine R6 LA 210 kW (286 hp) 2200/min

MS4 BlueTec 4 (Euro IV)

N80 Transmission lock for power take-off

NH2 Power take-off countershaft MB 131-2c

NZ1 Power take-off single

P44 Mudguard for chassis transfer

Q29 Trailer/tow coupling Ring spring

Q60 Hook trailer hitch

QC8 Front spring 7,5 t asymmetric

QE9 Rear spring 13,0 t hard

R82 Slant shoulder rims 10.00-20 Single tyres

S28 Middle seat with seat belt

SA0 Seat covers Imitation leather

SG2 Passenger standard swing seat Isringhausen

SG5 Standard driver seat Isringhausen

TM0 Weight variant 16.5 t (7.5/9.0)

ZD1 Vehicle with sovereign task

ZD2 Vehicle for non-civilian use


ModelAxor 1829 A 4x4
Stock Number4497988
First registration05.11.2007
TiresPirelli Pista PS 22
Gross vehicle weight16500
Cab typeshort distance
Air conditioningYes
Loading spaceL 5,100mm W 2,470mm H 470mm

Shipping details

Width255 cm
Height380 cm
Length777 cm
Weight9740 kg