Weatherhaven Mobile field hospital surgical unit

Weatherhaven Mobile field hospital surgical unit

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- The container is extendable, allowing for more workspace.

- Optimal working conditions due to air conditioning installation and possibility to connect a heating installation

Weatherhaven's mobile medical shelter systems are easy to transport, quick to install, and flexible in design for rapid response to almost any medical need. 

The expandable containers can be fully deployed and functional on the back of trucks and trailers for fast on-site deployment, in order to deliver medical services as quickly as possible.

Weatherhaven's range of softwall shelters and expandable containers are redeployable, allowing you to set up camp wherever help is needed. The mobile clinics facilitate medical care for civilians, camp occupants, and military personnel engaged in remote areas all around the world.

Hospital unit is similar to picture, but can deviate


ModelMobile field hospital surgical unit
Serial Number98WR 272X 037
Stock Number2586266
Dimensions20 ft. container size
Mil Aufbau Nr.C 20246
Empty weight4066 kg
Max. Payload6800 kg
Max Gross Weight10866 kg

Shipping details

Width244 cm
Height244 cm
Length606 cm
Weight4066 kg