Libby welding A/M32A-60A

Libby welding A/M32A-60A

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A trailer mounted ground power unit capable of providing AC & DC electrical power, as well as high-volume air for starting aircraft jet engines. The units consists of a gas turbine engine, AC generator (brushless), DC generator or DC rectifier, fuel system, battery, air start hose with coupling, and electrical systems for starting and control functions.


ManufacturerLibby welding
Stock Number1416497
EngineAirResearch Model No. GTCP85-180
OutputAirPneumatic Capacity: 150 +/- 5lb./min at 49 +/-2 PSIA(155PPM)
AC Power120/208, 75kVA, 400Hz, 3 Phase
DC Power Option:28V, 200 Amp Continuous, 300Amp Max.