ELRO Pump GUP 3-1,5 & GP20/10 Ex

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ELRO Pump GUP 3-1,5 & GP20/10 Ex


ELRO Pump for hazardous materials

Aggressive liquids that escape during an accident can endanger people, animals and the environment. Hazardous material must therefore be pumped quickly and completely into safe containers without dirt, stones or leaves affecting the pumping action. This is possible with this mobile Elro chemical pump:

ELRO pumps for hazardous materials are characterised by their patented vacuum system with high suction and pumping capacities. Even viscous and pasty media, as well as media entrained with solids can be completely pumped and disposed of without any problems.

With the application of the comprehensive range of accessories thin liquid layers or minimum amounts can be picked up, even if the suction process is frequently interrupted by the intake of air.

In case of difficult to handle hazardous materials the pump is used as disposal system in combination with the transport drum and accessories. Hazardous material does not directly contact the pump.


ManufacturerELRO pump
ModelGUP 3-1,5 & GP20/10 EX
Serial Number461325-03
Stock Number1318316
Pumping capacity300 l/min
Rated pumping pressure1,5 BAR
Weight ready for operation98kg
Transport drumstainless steel +/- 475 liter
Vacuum StrainerStainless steel
Storage basinrubber 3000 liter
connectors and hoseYes, included see pictures