JBT Aerotech (FMC) EXPEDITER 300

JBT Aerotech (FMC) EXPEDITER 300

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A mid-sized tractor for excellent performance with economy in handling all but the largest aircraft. Designed to service aircraft from the B737 and A318 to B777 and A340 (except A340-600), FMC's Expediter 300 brings ultimate towbarless tractor efficiency and convenience to handling a range of popular aircraft. All with great safety, simplicity, and the economical option of one-man operation. No towbars to switch and faster towing speeds mean the Expediter 300 can do the work of several conventional towbar tractors. The unique Expediter series pick-up configuration assures firm aircraft locking under all towing conditions - yet puts less stress on aircraft nose gear than other pushback/towing attachment systems. And, at every turn, FMC Technologies’ continuous design improvements and unmatched "life-of-the-product" support add even more to the package. Key features Simple, fail-safe aircraft pick-up, with minimum number of hydraulic cylinders for uncomplicated operation and maintenance. Provides firm lock and less stress. Hydrostatic drive for smooth driving performance. LCD screen with graphical information for the operator, including maneuver follow-up, driving information, errors and warnings. Comfortable operator’s cabin, with front- and back-facing fixed steering wheels and a driver’s seat that manually rotates a full 180°. Simple emergency steering and nose landing gear release. Optimized brake force distribution between front and back axle. Integrated oversteer alerting device (OAD) for added safety which protects the nose landing gear at all times. Automatic aircraft type detection.


ManufacturerJBT Aerotech (FMC)
Stock Number1055081
Working hours14700
EngineDEUTZ BF6M 1013
Service historyAvailable