Hydraulics international MJ2A-1

Hydraulics international MJ2A-1

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The Hydraulic Test Stand, PN 88043-100 is a two system hydraulic pumping unit designed to check the performance and operating characteristics of aircraft hydraulic systems. The unit is designed to operate on the flight line. It can be employed in adverse atmospheric conditions and on im- proved paved and unpaved surfaces (graded gravel). It is portable, steerable and towable, and mounted on four wheels. The test stand performs the following operations:

Provides a source of filtered hydraulic fluid at con- trolled pressures up to 5000 psi, and flow rates up to 35 gpm to operate the aircraft hydraulic compo- nents without the necessity of starting the aircraft engine. The unit also has the capability of internally manifolding both hydraulic systems and operating at 70 gpm, 3000 psi.

Test the aircraft hydraulic system for evidence of component malfunction or failure and for leakage of hydraulic fluid.

Fills the test stand and aircraft hydraulic systems by means of a fill pump and motor.

Provides a source of hydraulic power for static proof-pressure testing of aircraft hydraulic system and components up to 15 gpm at 5000 psi.

Pump System. Each hydraulic test system is powered by an axial piston-type, high pressure pump. The pump is a variable stroke, pressure compensated type with adjust- able volume control. Integral to the high pressure pump is a low pressure boost pump. The boost pump provides a minimum of 40 gpm of filtered fluid to the high pressure pump. The two high pressure pumps are driven by a Detroit Diesel engine, Series 6V-53N, Model Number 5063-5000 connected to a dual transmission gearbox.


ManufacturerHydraulics international
Stock Number1054068
Part no.88043-100
EngineDetroit Diesel 6V-53N
Working hours535
Hydraulic pressure singel system35 gpm at 3000 psi
Hydraulic pressure singel system15 gpm at 5000 psi
Hydraulic pressure two system70 gpm (35 gpm/system at 3000 psi)
Hydraulic pressure two system30 gpm (15 gpm/system at 5000 psi)