Hytrans Systems Hydrosub 150

Hytrans Systems Hydrosub 150

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The Hydrosub® is designed for emergency water supply and can be very quickly deployed using a minimum of manpower. The units feature hydraulic driven portable submersible floating pump(s), allowing quick access to any open water source. The submersible pump is linked to a diesel powered hydraulic powerpack, allowing quick deployment within 60 meters distance from the powerpack. This innovative system makes it possible to have a 60 meter vertical pump lift, no draft problem and no suction draft losses.


ManufacturerHytrans Systems
ModelHydrosub 150
Serial Number90P025
Stock Number1039320
Year of manufacture1990
Working hours454
ConstructionHooklift duo container
Last service by factory07/2020
Next check08/2021
EngineDAF DNT 620 AG, 117kw @ 1800rpm
max. Capacity8000 liter / minute
Included equipment1000m. hose 150mm (50 x 20m)
Included equipment10m . hose 150mm (2 x 5m)
Included equipmenthose squeezramps for 150mm hose (max 12t. axle loads)
Included equipmentDivider 1x150mm - 2x150mm (1ea.)
Included equipmentDivider 1x150mm - 5x75mm (1ea.)
Included equipmentGate valve 150mm (1ea.)
Included equipmentNon return valve 150mm (1ea.)
Included equipmentTools