Aurepa KPA HB

Aurepa KPA HB

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Mobile fuel pump set for refueling of helicopters or aircraft, containerized. 

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Stock Number2586263
EngineHatz 3L30C, 29kW
Hydraulic system(120bar)
Pump capacitymax. 1600ltr/min, max. 6bar - min. -0.5bar
Hose reel dispensing side4 each, with DN50 (2") 2x 40m and 2x80m.
Hose reel suction side2 each, with DN75 (3") 15m. hoses
Hose reel operationHydraulic / Air
FilterFAUDI Filtersystems FWE-T-8 (9)
Water separator2 stages, capacity 1600ltr/min
ManualsYes, available
Flow counter4 each, inside container + 4 each remote counters to check on refueling location.

Shipping details

Width220 cm
Height186 cm
Length425 cm
Weight5000 kg