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TLD 600-180DDP


Product group: Airport Equipment

Category: air starters

Model: diesel powered

Manufacturer: TLD

Type: 600-180DDP


TLD 600-180DDP
0 working hours

180PPM start capacity
Engine: DETROIT series 60 12.7L
Compressor:  AERZEN VML310

parts missing



  •  “Oil-free dry-screw” rotary compressor Precision cutting of compressor rotors eliminates the need for teflon or other coatings, which can fail due to differential expansion between rotors and casing.

  •  Integral oil cooler and fan

  •  Double seals and ventilated intermediate

    chambers prevent oil contamination of rotors.

  •  Easy to operate, with engine / compressor

    instrumentation on control panel.

  • Torsional isolation between male compressor rotor and built-in multiplying gearbox.

Fully Galvanized Frame and powder-coated panels for unprecedented corrosion resistance

Integrated housing, bolts directly to engine flywheel eliminating alignment problems.

Automatic throttle roll-back system, to decrease engine speed when full output is not required, reducing noise and fuel consumption.

Two-mode operation - Air packs and jet start modes have independently adjustable supply pressures.

Aircraft safety systems – designed to protect from overpressure or loss of pressure during starting procedures.

Safety systems, designed to protect the unit from damage due to high temperature or a loss of oil pressure.

Normal compressor overhaul at 25,000 operating hours.

Wide doors allow unhampered access to all components for ease of routine maintenance.

Outlet air temperature of 3900F (200oC) assures quick starts.

Two each 3-1/2” I.D. outlets provided

Properly rated chassis cab or fifth wheel steering trailer – highly maneuverable in congested airport environments.

Reference: 3000080

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