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LifTow 7500


Product group: Airport Equipment

Category: tractors/tugs

Model: towbarless

Manufacturer: LifTow ltd.

Type: 7500


The LifTow is a precision built electric towbarless aircraft TUG/GPU that is used for the ground handling of aircraft by loading/unloading of the aircraft Nose Landing Gear. thereby dispensing with the need for dangerous towbars.

It has an extremely smooth one man operation wiht excellent operator visibility, manoeuvrability and safe handling incorporating rear wheel steering and dual front traction drive.

year of manufacture: 1999
working hours: 295hr.
12V-24V-28V GPU - build-in
Universal nosewheel Cradle - Lift capacity to 10.000kg
80t. ramp weight capacity
ONE plain finger-tip lever controls speed, direction


Reference: 3000078

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