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Libby-Garrett A/M32A-60A


Product group: Airport Equipment

Category: air starters

Model: gasturbine starter

Manufacturer: Libby-Garrett

Type: 155 PPM


AirResearch Model No. GTCP85-180

A trailer mounted ground power unit capable of providing AC & DC electrical power, as well as high-volume air for starting aircraft jet engines. The units consists of a gas turbine engine, AC generator (brushless), DC generator or DC rectifier, fuel system, battery, air start hose with coupling, and electrical systems for starting and control functions.

Air/Pneumatic Capacity: 150 +/- 5lb./min at 49 +/-2 PSIA

AC Power: 120/208, 75kVA, 400Hz, 3 Phase
DC Power Option: 28V, 200 Amp Continuous, 300Amp Max.

Reference: 3000058

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