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Mercedes 609D-KA ambulance


Product group: Trucks

Category: ambulances

Model: 4 persons

Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

Type: 609D-KA


12.858 km


Engine: OM 364 4 cylinder diesel 90hp @ 2800rpm
Transmission: Manual 5 forward gears, 1 reverse
Braking system: Air over hydraulic
Steering: Power steering

G.V.W.: 4800 kg
Tyres: 205/75R 16
Electrical system: 24volt

Axles & Suspension: 4x2 configuration, rear wheel drive, steel springs, telescopic shock-absorbers and stabilisers front and rear.

Wheelbase: 3150 mm
Track: front 1880 mm / rear 1640 mm
Ground clearance: 200 mm
Turning circle: 11.80m
Max. Speed: 98km/h
Fuel consumption: 11 litres/100km
Radius: 600 km


25 ambulances on stock

Reference: 1000038

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